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February 18, 2021by admin

Career Change During Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic has taken the world by storm, negatively impacting the global community across all sectors and industries. The socio economic impact is so severe that it is no worse than the spread of the virus itself. Especially given the still human activity, restricted mobility and social distancing measures, the global economic activity has come to a halt, affecting people of all works of life. It resulted in the increase of high unemployment rates and the reduction of salary as per the consequence of the economic strain triggered by the Coronavirus outbreak. Industries such as hospitality and tourism have suffered substantial economic decline and many employees have been dismissed as per the employment termination measures taken up by the affected industries.

However, recovering from the recession and employment termination is challenging in terms of maintaining one’s mental health and willpower. Given the level of stress and anxiety over employment termination, individuals may be oblivious to the possibilities of putting time, work and effort into being engaged in a new and alternative career options. It is possible that it may strike someone as taking a step down, although given the present circumstances is always a suitable option to earn an income. Despite the level of instability and risk of making a transition from one job to another, it can surprisingly result in various positive aspects as well, in terms of better opportunities and career growth.

Adapting into a new work space in a new industry definitely does bestow one with a new set of challenges initially although it can prove to be most opportune in terms of developing new skills and new levels of expertise. The choice of new employment can be based on one’s passions and former aspirations which is why it can be an experience of self-rediscovery and subsequent satisfaction. Most importantly it the circumstances would allow, it is most possible that one may find the new professional space better than the previous one which is why it is important to maintain a positive perspective in passing across career option in these economically challenging times.

Career Change in the Pandemic – An Inspiring Testimonial from a Career shifter.

I’m Chathuri Kanishka, I worked at a Leading hotel in Colombo as a Hostess for the last 3 years. As srilanka was blooming with tourism, I enjoyed my job in the industry and its perks. My career path was set. I knew what I was doing and where I was heading in my career.

But it turns out the covid-19 pandemic had different plans for my career. As the number of cases went up in Sri lanka and the whole country was under lockdown, the airport was closed until “further notice” all hotels and travel agencies were shutting down. It seemed like there won’t be any hope for the hospitality industry in foreseen future. Then, I was given the news that I least wanted to hear.

“Leading hotels started laying off their employees, and I was one of them.”

I went through a phase of horrible depression as I didn’t know where my life was going. How will I find a job? Even if I found a job, I kept wondering will I fit in? Will I be able adapt to the environment, cause there’s no doubt the hospitality industry is a completely different culture from all others. After months of worrying and assuming, I finally made the decision to give it a try.

I joined One Envoy as a HR Operations Executive. I never ever saw myself being in any industry other than tourism. And here I am grateful for the opportunity given, being my best self – learning something new every day.

The collective risk I took for shifting my career actually became one of the best decisions I’ve made under pressure.



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